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New Years Message

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"2011 has been an incredible year of growth and accomplishment for ICO"

Well that was the first sentence that I had planned to write but in reality it is only partly true.  ICO is not about us in the sense of the formal parts of the Foundation; it is about the hundreds of people Worldwide who we are privileged to share our resources and humanity with--those who now have education and those who have better medical and dental health. People, or as we prefer ICO Friends, who now have some hope for a better life, better communities and maybe just maybe some sense of fairness, justice and peace.

So, yes, we have made progress: we are now in 13 countries, we have over 1000 ICO Friends supporting our efforts, and over 120 volunteer Team Members. Together we have helped many thousands towards their dream of a better life. Their dream is also our dream. Their Friendship is also our Friendship and that is what ICO is all about: "Friends working together".

I am pleased to announce that the new ICO website with our new logo is now fully operational and shows current ICO Communities along with their respective Initiatives. This has been a massive exercise by many people to enable us to communicate with the World. Indeed, most parts of the website can be read in 59 languages with the press of a button. Thanking individuals in particular is always difficult but I have to pay tribute to the Communications Centre and Claire Butler who has led the content editing and enabled us to have a state-of-the-art site along with the latest news. Special thanks to our web design consultants PixelSweatshop for their imaginative work. The website is a critical component of our capability worldwide as we are an Internet managed organization and the website provides full Online Office support to our Team Members, which enables us to operate very efficiently and at low cost.

Please take a look now and check in often for the latest information on our communities and initiatives.  http://InnovativeCommunities.Org

I want to thank all those that have supported our efforts--whether passing the word on, donating to our Initiatives or being one of those Team Members in the field or one of those behind the scenes people ensuring we get 100% of the donations and services to the people - our Friends.

On behalf of the Board, many many thanks for your help and friendship.
May I wish you and yours a wonderful and Happy New Year!

Warmest personal regards

John Mitchell
Chairman of the Board
InnovativeCommunities.Org Foundation

ICO Initiatives

September 17, 2014
ICO’s Instruments4Africa provides opportunities to underprivileged children in Mali, one of Africa's poorest countries, to get an education and reach their potential. Building on Mali’s rich artistic culture, children receive performing arts training, and are part of a performing arts troupe guided by professional dance and music teachers.