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Rwanda Stoves for Health

Smoke from open fires continues to be a major health concern for people in Rwanda, both from burns and the inhaled smoke. Women will often spend hours retrieving firewood to run these ineffective fires.

The Rocket stove design both vastly reduces the amount of wood required for daily needs and almost completely eliminates the smoke from the fire because it burns cleaner. The stoves are surrounded by bricks, reducing the risk of small children falling into the fire. These stoves are effective both in family homes and larger facilities, such as hospitals. In 2011, more than 1000 stoves were installed.  Since these stoves use 60% less fuel, a family saves 5-7 hours per week gathering wood, or the $1 per week it takes to buy it.  These families can save this time and money for more productive uses, while also leading safer and healthier lives.  

The stoves are made from local materials by trained students who make the stoves as a business to earn money for secondary school fees.  Currently 48 orphans are sponsored through this program, earning a good hourly wage for their work. By attending three years of secondary boarding school, they triple their opportunities for the future. Additionally, the skills learned by these students in running and growing the stove initiative will provide them with the experience and connections to make the most of their education. Each stove making facility allows students to make more than 80 stoves each month, which are then sold at a low cost to local community members.

Continued donations will allow more students to become involved in this proven program and allow more families to benefit from improved health and more time due to the reduced smoke and wood requirements.

These stoves can be built from donations as little as 4$.


ICO Initiatives

September 17, 2014
ICO’s Instruments4Africa provides opportunities to underprivileged children in Mali, one of Africa's poorest countries, to get an education and reach their potential. Building on Mali’s rich artistic culture, children receive performing arts training, and are part of a performing arts troupe guided by professional dance and music teachers.